Who We Are

Mission Statement
Our mission statement is to “Provide quality therapeutic and educational services to create change and improve academic and life successes while empowering individuals to learn and accomplish independence.” Therapy Solutions, Inc. was founded in 1995 by Barbara A. Coaxum, M.A.C.C.C., BCS-F. When the company was conceived, its original name was Changing Concepts in Communication (C.C.C.) . C.C.C’s name was eventually changed to Therapy Solutions, Inc.

Our company was founded on the principle that every child deserves a fair chance to be the complete and whole child they were meant to be despite any disabilities or delays. We strive to service the whole child and the entire family by empowering families to understand that they are integral partners in their children’s success. Families are encouraged to NEVER let finite disappointments define infinite possibilities and to realize that there is always hope and the possibility for change.

Because families are often challenged by many things including their child’s disabilities, we offer a variety of resources and services. Some of these have included parent workshops and trainings and summer camp experiences. In addition, we provide support to children and their families through our Annual Gift of Giving which provides families with a variety of necessities